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What attracts some women to dangerous men? It isn’t always about the thrill of living on the edge and hooking up with bad boys. Their motivations are more complex than that. Investigative journalist Rochelle Jackson asks eight women about their lives with their notorious partners:

  • Sylvia Bruno, ex-wife of gangster Nikolai ‘The Bulgarian’ Radev
  • Georgina Freeman, wife of illegal casino king George Freeman
  • Ann-Marie Presland, partner of organised crime figure Bob Trimbole
  • Tania Herman, former girlfriend and accomplice of Joe Korp
  • Frances Stratford, partner of old-time villain, Billy ‘The Texan’ Longley
  • Jeannie Cako, wife of armed robber Fred Cako
  • Coral Watson, ex-wife of NZ murderer Scott Watson
  • Mary-Ann Read, ex-wife of standover man, Mark ‘Chopper’ Read

For the first time, these women finally get the chance to tell their own stories. Surprising, intimate and at times confronting, Partners and Crime takes us behind the headlines and the media hype to reveal what it is really like to live with men who are outside the law.

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INSIDE THEIR MINDS: AUSTRALIAN CRIMINALS                                                 

Why did Ivan Milat become a serial killer? How did Carl Williams go from a being a baby-faced kid to dangerous murderer? And what made mass murderer Martin Bryant, go on a killing spree in Tasmania’s Port Arthur, killing 35 people at Port Arthur?

Working with one of Australia’s leading forensic psychologists Ian Joblin, Rochelle analyses eight Australian criminals and works out what made them criminals. She’s written to these people in jail, interviewed them and their family members. She explores their motivations, delves into their pasts and examines their personalities to uncover what makes them tick. Inside their Minds is a penetrating, revealing and sometimes frightening investigation of the criminal mind.

   Excerpts from Inside Their Minds, by Rochelle (mp3)



Her first book is a biography of an old-time villain, Billy Longley. He has been described as 'the Godfather of Australian crime'.

As Rochelle wrote the Texan's story, she became engrossed in what made Longley turn to crime. This started her fascination with how villains are created. The book required extensive research and interviews with his family, friends and foes.

In Your Face was short listed in the 2006 Ned Kelly Awards for Australian Crime Writing and the 2006 Davitt Awards in the true crime categories.

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